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Toba Tek Singh city is located in the province Punjab, Pakistan and Jobs in Toba Tek Singh 2020-2021 are available in Government / Private Sector. Toba Tek Singh emerged as a separate district in 1982 when it was separated from Faisalabad district. The city is named after a Sikh religious man named “Tek Singh”. The district is surrounded on north by Jhang and Faisalabad, on the west by Jhang, on the south Ravi River separates it from Sahiwal. The district consist of an area of 3,259 square kilometers. The district comprises a town committee names PIR MEHAL and 539 villages. The city has 4 Tehsils and 82 Union Councils and is highly agricultural city and is having industrial importance also. Major crops of this city include Wheat, Sugarcane, Maize, Cotton and in fruits, it includes citrus fruit is abundant in this city are found. Punjabi language is spoken by the locality of this city. 

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